I’m Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition!

I am officially certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University!!! These were BY FAR the most informative, and life-changing courses I have ever taken…EVER! Seriously…

I highly recommend anyone to take these courses. There are no prerequisites and everything is online. Take just one class for fun, or take all three courses to earn the certificate. It takes about 2 months to complete and is a bit expensive ($1200), but hey! Now I can say “I’m certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University!!!” (see above). The first class is called Nutrition Fundamentals, where you learn all about macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates), and why the SAD (Standard American Diet) is pointing Americans in the wrong direction. You learn about The China Study and how the major cause of degenerative disease is because of an excess of animal based protein. The next class, Diseases of Affluence, is all about why we are becoming more sick although we seem to be getting richer. You will learn about the pleasure trap, cancer, diabetes, and exactly how heart disease progresses (be good to your endothelial cells!). In the final class, Principles in Practice, you learn more about vitamins and supplements, and how maybe they aren’t as good for us as we thought! You will also learn about the environmental impacts that animal based diets have on the planet and society, as well as the methods of research that are used in making health claims. This last class is really the kick in the pants because it shows you why most people do not know this information in the first place (hint: [insert negative word such as “evil”] [insert big corporation such as “pharmaceutical companies”] ).

If I had any say in the matter, all schools would require their students to learn this stuff. You would be baffled by how mind altering, life-changing, OM!@#$G this information is, yet most people don’t know any of it! Ignorance is one thing. No one can put the blame on anyone who isn’t educated about a topic. But once you do become knowledgable about something such as this, how can you ever go back to way it was? Every day, I hope that more people will learn about the injustice that exists in our every day lives. My “grandmother from Florida”-(as she introduces herself on every voicemail message), says “so you like food now?” I love you grandma (I would pat your little sprayed up jew fro right now if I could), but it’s more than just food!

I am on a mission to get this information out there any way I can. I am on to the next big thing by looking into a Dietetic Internship and Masters program to become a Registered Dietician, with a Masters for good measure. So then, I’ll be more legit for all you people ;) .

Naturalie’s Note: For more information click here!┬áThe topics of discussion for the first course, Nutrition Fundamentals, is addressed in my Why Vegan?! article. But I will be discussing topics from the last two classes, Diseases of Affluence and Principles in Practice, in future posts!

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