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Ecco Bella Powder Foundation

Sweet baby carrot sticks, I LOVEEEEE this makeup! It is, so far, the only foundation that suits exactly what I am looking for: no cakeyness, it blends right into the skin, it does not smudge or come off if you happen to have an itch on your face, it withstands […]

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Dr. Bronner’s

I was crazy excited to start using this product. Not only are Dr. Bronner’s products made with all natural and organic ingredients, the company itself promotes fair trade business, animal free-testing, and all that good-for-everybody-involved stuff. If you look at any of their bottles, they are covered in text promoting […]

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Faerie Organic: Mineral Makeup

I have stumbled across a faerly good group of products at Faerie Organic…I’m so punny. This was one of the first sites I came across on my search for natural beauty products. Plus, their products are not tested on animals because bunnies look pretty ridiculous with blush…and they certainly don’t […]

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