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I have stumbled across a faerly good group of products at Faerie Organic…I’m so punny. This was one of the first sites I came across on my search for natural beauty products. Plus, their products are not tested on animals because bunnies look pretty ridiculous with blush…and they certainly don’t need any extra help in attracting the opposite sex.

What’s fantastic about Faerie is their manifesto. The starter of the company, Erin MIncks, is a makeup artist who began experimenting with natural products after losing both parents to cancer. She did research (hey, that sounds familiar!) on the toxicity that exists in mainstream cosmetics and vowed to never use such harmful chemicals on her clients again. And so, her company was born.

Here is a brief taken from her site, which describes the products:

“Faerie Organic Minerals are non-comedogenic and non acneogenic. Because our minerals are naturally anti-inflammatory, they will not clog pores or inflame acne prone skin.They do not contain any: talc, chemicals, bismuth oxychloride, preservatives and they are dye free. Our minerals have natural occurring SPF and are widely promoted by dermatologists as they are shown to be gentle enough for even most sensitive, allergy prone skin.” (faerieorganic.com ‘Our Philosophy and Ingredients’)

What is so refreshing, besides ma face, is that every product has only a few ingredients. The scariest thing about most cosmetics, and food for that matter, is the laundry list of ingredients that  are unrecognizable. Erin gives a complete list of the ingredients in her products as well as descriptions of each. She also talks about the ingredients in products that should be avoided.

So we know this makeup is good for our skin, but does it actually look good?

YES. I have never tried mineral makeup before. I have always used a liquid foundation or coverup with a powder finish on occasion. I was truly skeptical, as I have had bad luck with powder foundations before. Either the color would be off and it was obvious that I was wearing (bad) makeup, or it would look cakey and age my 22 year old face about 15 years.

But after trying mineral makeup, quite honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to liquid. I could not believe how easy it was to apply. It goes on evenly across the skin and does not have any obvious splotches or differentiating color.

Hey look- it’s ma face!

My uneven beast of a skin tone is tamed with a natural, dewey finish! I’m a happy face


Way Too Close, Close Up: Overall, Faerie gives a nice tonal blend. You can see some of the powder on the edge of my cheek, but anyone this close will most likely have their eyes closed ;)

I have red, blotchy skin and acne scars without any product and some fairly noticeable darkness under my eyes. This makeup evens out my skin tone and covers my dark circles and scars. You can not tell that I am wearing anything with this makeup, which is the point yes? We want an even complexion. This stuff will give it to ya without the cakeyness. I don’t mean to be a commercial here, but Faerie minerals have exceeded my expectations.

While washing it off, you can see how water resistant it is. With a good splash on the face, the water almost beads off the make up. You need to use a face wash to really get it off. I’d also recommend a makeup remover too, just to be thorough.

Another wonderful thing is Faerie lets you try sample kits of their makeup, for $5.98, before committing to an entire foundation for $18.50. The foundation kits come with five samples according to which basic color you choose (either fair to light, light to medium, honey to golden, medium to tan, or tan to dark). The samples include three airbrush finishes and two maximum coverage finishes. You can also get the kit with add ons that include a concealer, a blush, a bronzer, and a sheer veil which you can use as the last step finish, for $10.97. If you don’t have a proper mineral brush applicator, add that on too for a total of $13.96. If you want a vegan brush with synthetic hair, make sure you request it. I decided to try their sample kit plus the add on and the brush. The blush and bronzer are extremely potent-which means you only need a small dab and it will look like too much. If you put too much on your brush and you look clownish, just take some of the foundation powder and even it out.

The very first time I tried the makeup, I misunderstood how to apply it. For whatever reason, I thought all the samples were supposed to be used together. So I added all the airbrush colors in layers one at a time, and then the same for all the maximum coverage powders. Then followed suit with the concealer, then the blush, the bronzer, and finally the sheer veil. If you need a hell of a lot of coverage, this may work for you. But the point of the sample kit is for you to figure out which color or combination suits you best. That doesn’t mean use all of it! Despite the amount of powder I put on my face, it didn’t look too artificial. Although I now know that I work best with just ONE airbrush finish which lets my natural skin shine through with a dewey look (see above). It still gives me plenty of coverage, though.

Overall, the minerals are a bit pricey, but the quality of this makeup is worth it. Plus, I find that a little goes a long way. So it should last you. I tried the porcelain to light samples and just purchased the light airbrush foundation. I am proud to announce that after two and a half weeks of using this makeup, I have had no breakouts and my acne scars are significantly lighter. The makeup has convinced me to test other Faerie Organic products including their eyeshadow, and skincare.

So keep an eye out for future posts!

Naturalie’s Note: The sample kits come in tiny plastic containers which make quite a mess! So be careful to open them sloooooowly or else the powder will go everywhere but your face.


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      Thank YOU for such a lovely comment! Be sure to keep a look out for more upcoming articles on natural beauty products!

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