The SKINny

I have had relatively good skin for my life thus far. But every month or two, I’d wake up with a monster zit. And I mean Frankenstein and Edward Cullen’s bastard child would have nightmares about that shite. Yea…pretty scary. The worst part is, it would last for at least a week or two and then leave a scar in its scrofulous path.

For whatever reason, I was never told how to take care of my face. I never had acne like you see in those Proactive commercials (although Katie Perry’s chin bumps are a sad excuse for an acne condition). So I never went to a dermatologist or thought of it as much of a problem in high school. Jump to college: Thursday through Saturday nights out til 3 or 4, drinking, waking up with a face full of smeared makeup. Now, it is no surprise why I would break out.

But I wanted to know more about it. Besides the necessity of washing your face before bed every night (and I mean every night ladies! No amount of birth control can save you from a FrankCullenstein baby on a face full of day old makeup), what else can we do to prevent such nasty beings. What can we do that is, in fact, proactive?

For starters, I am beginning to find out some of the truth behind the cosmetic industry after starting ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous‘ by Kim Erickson and man is it an ugly barrel of monkeys. So, going for all natural products is where my face is headin’.

Naturalie’s Note: Make sure to check the review of ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous‘ coming soon!

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