‘Karma Chow’s Ultimate Cookbook’: BlackBeanBrownies

Yep that’s right. BLACK BEAN brownies.

Black beans?

Yep! Black beans!!! Guess what the main ingredient is…

LOVE. Well actually, black beans are the main ingredient. But the love is pretty tasty too.

This scrumptious recipe is from ‘Karma Chows’ Ultimate Cook Book,‘ by Melissa Costello. It has an entire 25 oz can of black beans and crushed almonds instead of flour. So these are also gluten free and come out very moist and fudgey. Add some cocoa powder for chocolatey goodness, agave nectar and a banana for sweetness, a bit of baking powder/soda for lift, and you got some bad-ass brownie yum yums any chocoholic would bow down to. These are packed with protein so they work great in between meals, or even on a hike, in addition to dessert!

Naturalie’s note: Add some chocolate chips in there for even more oomph.

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