Do Not Make This Mistake!!!

I am partial to a frozen vegan pizza now and again. They especially come in handy when you are attending a party where you know pizza is going to be ordered. Just bring it frozen or cook it before you get there! Or if you just have absolutely no time to prepare a meal, finding your favorite frozen pizza is a good staple to have in your freezer. Of course, it is better not to rely on processed foods. So, if you can, make a few of your own fresh pizzas and freeze for another day!

I’ll talk more about frozen pizza options another day, because I am writing this article to share a tragic, yet important lesson I learned the other week. Maybe not all of you would make the same mistake as I did, but let this be a warning!

Usually I am so good at looking at the ingredient list before I buy anything, and I mean anything!!! This is rule #1 when eating a plant based diet or looking for all natural/humane products. You never know just by looking at the box whether it contains an unhealthy or, dare I say, animal based product *gasp*! Admittedly, I did look at the ingredient list for this product. But, I was still fooled! The first thing that caught my eye was the front of the box that says “MILK FREE” and “EGG FREE.” I then immediately went to the ingredient list on the back. Click on the image with the ingredient list so you can see up close. The second ingredient after water is vegan cheese. VEGAN cheese! I thought “Score! A new vegan pizza to try.” I stopped looking after I saw that the cheese was vegan. But ya know what’s so weird about this pizza? It is NOT vegan!

But not meat free!

Not vegan!

If you click on the picture of the front of the box, you will see a description of the meat toppings under “DELUXE PIZZA” on the right hand side. Of course if you saw this list first, you would put the box down and slowly step away with your hands up. But I didn’t even notice that list because I always go straight to the back! Even so, it was not until the middle of the ingredient list that I found pepperoni, pork, beef, and Italian sausage! As soon as I opened the pizza, I knew it was real animal meat. I was so confused and surprised that I immediately took pictures to show all you good people!

I find it strange that a pizza would advertise vegan cheese without having vegan meat. I suppose this is a pizza for the lactose intolerant. But if that were the case, why wouldn’t the cheese say something like “lactose free cheese?” Anywho, I had another brand of pizza in my freezer, and my supportive, fantabulous, honorary vegan boyfriend took the bullet; so the night was saved!


Even if the package says ‘Vegan’ right on the front, just skim the list for good measure.

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