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Cornelia Guest’s ‘Simple Pleasures’: French Toast

This recipe comes from Cornelia Guest’s ‘Simple Pleasures.’ It was the first time I have had vegan French toast. The recipe uses silken tofu, milk (almond, hemp, or soy), corn starch (I used Ener-G Egg Replacer instead: find out more about this and other egg replacements here!), sugar (I used maple syrup instead of […]

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Replacing Eggs

Every time I visit my hometown’s Bakery (it is actually called ‘The Bakery’), I can smell the sweet deliciousness from outside the door…the smell of the black and white cookies, rainbow cookies, brownies, chocolate cake with fudge frosting..chocolate chip cookies…seven layer cakes……okay, maybe smelling it is not quite as good as […]

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So what the @#$! is vegenaise? Vegenaise is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a vegan mayonaise. Vegans can’t have mainstream mayo because egg whites are a main ingredient. But other than the eggs, there is nothing else in mayo that vegans can’t have. So most vegenaises you will try are […]

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