One of My Most Popular Recipes! Baked Ziti!

So this recipe was adapted from a recipe from The Karma Chow Cookbook. The big difference is in the ricotta cheeze. Where Karma Chow used cashews which you have to soak foreverrrr, I experimented with hummus and tofu to get the creamy, rich texture of ricotta and, dagnabit, it works! To make life simple, I will provide you with recipes that are straightforward and easy to follow just like with my first Potato Leek Soup Recipe. Click on the pic below and print out a copy to keep with your cookbooks! A future Naturalie cookbook may just be underway…

Baked Ziti

I like to use brown rice noodles for this one, but corn, whole wheat, or any kind of whole grain noodle would work just fine. If you’re pressured for time, just buy a big tub of your favorite plain hummus. If you would like to make this a no oil recipe, you will have to find a brand like Cedar’s that has a no oil hummus or just make your own! Not to fear, Naturalie has an original hummus recipe for that! <—Just click that link!

Let me feel the love people! Tell me what you think of this recipe in the comments below!


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