A Naturalie Staple: Hummus!

Hummus is one of my most favorite of all favorite foods. It’s my favoritest, you might say. The perfect hummus goes well with almost anything. It even makes for a yummy ricotta cheeze when combined with tofu in my baked ziti recipe (if you haven’t tried this yet, make it RIGHT NOW for dinner tonight. It is simple and easy and everyone in your household will fall in love with it. I promise). Yes, hummus is one of those perfectly adaptable foods. You can take this simple recipe and add tons of variety; if you like some kick, add some jalapeño. If you like some tang, add some roasted red bell pepper. The possibilites are endless!…except for maybe chocolate or peanut butter or something…don’t add those to hummus…never ever add those to hummus. Enjoy my peeps!


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