Cauliflower ‘Chick’n’ Wings!

I’m a little late for your Super Bowl party because, quite frankly, I couldn’t care less about your sportsball team or who could carry a ball to the end of a field better.

I am a fan of the commercials though. Oh, and of course the puppy/kitty bowls. Because because because:

ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!? If I had it my way, this would make up the entirety of all sports. Anyway, back to the food.

I have for you a PERFECT party recipe. These are bound to be a hit no matter what the occasion. I present to you: Naturalie’s Cauliflower Chick’n Wings!:

Cauliflower Chikn Wings DSC_9434DSC_9436DSC_9437 DSC_9447 DSC_9452 DSC_9458 DSC_9471This is one of my absolute favorites! If you do not like spicy food, find a mild, no-oil wing sauce. So simple! Enjoy guys!

For an easy Blue Cheeze Dipping Sauce: Drain and press a 12. oz. block of firm or extra firm tofu. Crumble it into Naturalie’s No OIl Mayo. Add extra lemon juice to taste. Voilá!


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