Monthly Archives: June 2014

Ecco Bella Powder Foundation

Sweet baby carrot sticks, I LOVEEEEE this makeup! It is, so far, the only foundation that suits exactly what I am looking for: no cakeyness, it blends right into the skin, it does not smudge or come off if you happen to have an itch on your face, it withstands […]

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Social Pressures

As a plant-based eater of any kind, be it vegetarian or vegan (but especially vegan), you will undoubtedly experience some social pressure in your life. For some craaaaazy reason, people make a really big deal out of food. Yes food is wonderful, and we love to eat it because, well, […]

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Our Trip to Grand Cayman: Where To Eat?!?!

Spring break 2014 was a goody since I got to travel to the beautiful Grand Cayman! It was a great trip minus the last minute sunburn (at least it happened on the last day) and *surprise* sea turtle farm…I had NO IDEA they bred them for consumption, even though they […]

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